In 2022, product development and innovation will mark Uecko’s path. Other times we have highlighted the investment in our products, always being at the forefront and with the latest trends is essential for our firm, but this year it will be an even more decisive issue, it will stand out and we will present you throughout the year all the news, which we will tell you through our newsletters, you will also be able to physically appreciate it in the diversity of events that we will attend throughout the year.

We start January with an important change, a great development in the hinge of our Alya model. The previous one had a 90º opening but it was not a normal hinge, a component that is part of our Premium Range is taken care of in detail. Its assembly method is completely innovative, the hinge system is anchored to the headboards of the cabinet, ensuring that the door is completely clean, minimalist and that these do not pose an obstacle neither for the opening of the drawers, nor for the placement of shelves, or interior equipment.

bisagra Alya

Aesthetically and functionally it will be the same, but with an opening of 165º, with the special characteristics of this hinge, it is a great advance. In addition to the qualities that the previous one had, it also maintains the regulation of its height, width and depth. Its basic and elegant black color will end up defining the beauty and distinction of this model.

A great year of progress and changes awaits us, we will tell you about it!!