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Leda. Custom Hinged Door Wardrobe

The most characteristic feature of this model are its pivoting hinges which open to over 180º and are also guaranteed for life as they are resistant to wear. This hinge system provides a more minimalist profile.

As well as being installed in a traditional unit, it can be installed on aluminium frames with glass side and rear panels for enhanced visibility. With this latter option, a magnet is fitted to avoid a vacuum effect and prevent the doors from opening unnecessarily.

  • Its pivoting hinge with an opening of more than 180º is the characteristic feature of this model.

  • Does not have a brake

  • A magnet is placed to avoid the void effect and facilitate the opening of the doors when a glass frame is chosen

  • Hinges are guaranteed for life as they are wear-free

  • Allows aluminum frames

  • Allows rear and side glass for increased visibility

LEDA Armario A Medida con Puertas Abatibles Gama Premium

Customize the Interiors of your wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe

Configure your custom wardrobe with the maximum use to give order to your clothes and accessories, creating beautiful and practical spaces at the same time.

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